Saturdays Line-Up (timings approximate)



Ska-punk rockers (Spunge) are one of the Uk's leading acts within a genre dominated by US bands such as Less than Jake, Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Reel bad Fish. The band claim to have hit upon the sound by accident, ahving amalgamated their collective influences of Sublime, Stiff Little Fingers, The Clash and The Wildhearts. lead singer Alex Copeland has joked that the brackets in the name are so that the letters do not fall out.



Children's Entertainment  12.30-1.20


The Roustabouts Bar Stage Sunset Stage 12.00-12.50

The Roustabouts are a gypsy cabaret collective of musicians and performers. Performing a mixture of gypsy, folk, dance and swing influenced arrangements and original songs.


The Boundless Brothers Bar Stage 1.20-2.20

Playing a mixture of Pope Rock and Folk music with electric and acoustic sounds, they use their voices as an extra instrument to make 3 part harmonies. Ones to watch!!



Son Yambu Sunset Stage 2.30-4.00

Son yambu are a UK based band who play authentic Cuban son-the essential Afro-Cuban sound that originated in the streets of eastern Cuba and gave rise to the modern salsa. The band members, who all have a lifetime's experience playing son, mainly come from Santiago de Cuba (the birthplace of son) and are passionate about maintaining the traditions of the genre. Playing the irresistible tropical rhythms, Son Yambu bring their audiences a truly sensational, authentic Latin-music experience, and their music is guaranteed to turn Little Big Gig into a fiesta. 


Henry and Andrea  Bar Stage 3.30-4.30



RSVP Bhangra Sunset Stage 4.40-5.50

RSVP are spearheading the renaissance of live Bhangra in the UK, opening doors for other artists, and introducing Bhangra to the mainstream audiences for the first time. Every show comes with an introduction to Bhangra dance-everyone's included with RSVP's emphasis on partying punjabit style. With musician's drawn from two generations of one family, RSVP are wholly rooted in an authentic living tradition, yet unafraid to innovate. this is the ultimate celebratory Indian Music.



The Stowes Bar Stage 5.55-6.55

The Stowes are a traditional Folk and Ceildh from Cornwall, UK who play a stimulating mix of Traditional mix of Traditional Folk, of mainly Cornish, Irish and Scottish origin, as well as rousing sea shanties and buoyant instrument arrangements. 

With a full-bodied combination of piano accordion, stomp box, guitar, bouzar and banjo, The Stoes can fill up any venue, small or large with toe-tapping music to get the crowds going.



Chris Jagger and The Rocking Kronies Sunset Stage 7.05-8.20

Chris Jagger and The Rocking Kronies play a mix of rock, country, cajun, and romantic ballad. Not only does Chris Jagger write great tunes, but he is a very fine and wry lyricist. He plays with a band of talented musicians including session guitarist Kit Morgan (who has toured the USA with Jethro Tull and Vanessa Mae).


The band play rootsy music, mostly original songs sprinkled with some covers and old blues tunes. 

Barbarellas Bang Bang Bar Stage 8.30-9.30

Fronted by the stunning bombshell Barbarella. Barbarella’s Bang Bang will take you on a ride from the eyes of a puppet in a world of lost lovers to bohemian dancehalls shadowed by broken suns.
Prepare yourselves to be taken on a time rocket, through turbulent and fluffy times… as they tickle you with some cheeky smiles and give you a few doses of emotional, musical ecstasy… the real deal!!

An accordion toting five piece, Barbarella’s Bang Bang is a cacophony of carnivalistic delights. An Avant-Garde combination of European gypsy folk and theatrical pop and punk with roots in Eastern, Roman Europe, alongside the urban realities of the 21st Century. They provide a touch of deep and sensual mystery!

Think delightful Italian Folk inspired in equal parts by cabaret and Edith Piaf!!

How in the blink of an eye can you fail, to want to indulge in such an exquisite thing?



(Spunge) Sunset Stage  9.40-11.10


Caitlin Stage

11am till 11.45am Tristan Diego Hall.
12pm till 12.45pm Hayley,Roberto and Martin.
1pm till 1.45pm Evco Acoustic.
2pm till 2.45pm Saltwater Cure.
3pm till 3.45pm Darren Roberts.
4pm till 4.45pm Dan Bull.
5pm till 5.45pm Eyelids.
6pm till 6.45pm Tigerbalm
7pm till 7.45pm Paul Vermette.
8pm till 9pm Hanterhir.