James Turner


A huge voice and dextrous guitar playing provide provide the backbone to his passionate, carefully crafted, songs. This is music that makes it's mark- ahrd and deep...potent lyrics, a rich powerful voice, timeless acoustic tinged rock-tinged folk.

James J Turner is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool itself a diverse musical melting pot. James plays edgy Acoustic Folk-Rock within a Protest-Pagan theme.


Megan S


Emily Howard

Emily Howard is a young award winning singer songwriter from exeter, South West. Emily's music could be compared to artists such as Ani Di Franco, Joni Mitchell, Nina Nesbitt or Amp MacDonald. her songs convey strong meaning,and she sings them openly and honestly.



Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump

Head smashed in Buffalo Jump perform a variety of genres, including Funk, reggae, Ska, heavy Metal, Hungarian Folk and 2nd Line New Orleans. They are and 8 piece band. "We raise the roof, if you have one!! We raise the roof, if you don't!!" Which is nice!!




Ouse Valley Singles Club

The Ouse Valley Singles club are a singles club with a difference. Blending their own unique brand of folk/punk/skiffle with tragic tales of being single. Imagine that, tapping your foot and laughing at someone else’s misfortune at the same time.




Atmospheric accordian and gypsey guitar pour melodic champagne over slick garlicky bass and drum grooves.

Gypfunk are fearless in their guest to address such thorny issues as spiders in the urinal and the phenomenon of nose froth, experiences when drinking cappuccino.

Immerse yourself in a continental cocoon with their infectious sound. This quartet from North Devon perform curiously engaging French songs with shades of chanson upbeat swing-shuffle and Balkanesque cool.

 RSVP Bhangra

 co RSVP Bhangra's unique blending of Punjabi Indian music with dance beats and mainstream pop has created a new and irresistible sound that audiences love and keep coming back for.


Mr Tea and the Minions

On a mission to spread fun, cheekiness and crazy dancing to audiences, with their brand of Gypsy flavoured party music they are sure to pit a smile on your face!!

The 6 members have a great chemistry that comes from strong friendship and a passion for the music they write and play together

On a mission to spread fun, cheekiness and crazy dancing to audiences everywhere, with their brand of Gypsy flavoured party music to put a smile on your face and your knees up in the air!

Sam and The Womp

They bring groovin' beats, huge brassy sounds and womping bass. Expect lots of vibes and jumping around.


The Chainska Brassika


This mischievous rabble of young lads from Lewisham have been wrecking havoc across London and now we are releasing them on the Lizard!!

Bringing the timeless language of British Ska music up to date these young lads have been coined 'The rising stars of the London Ska scene'

Chainska have supported the Madness, The Skatlites, Gentleman's Dub Club, Easy Star All Stars to name a few, they've had knees flying at Glastonbury Festival, Boomtown, bestival, Nottinghill carnival, Secret Garden and many more and we are so pleased that they will be performing this year at Little Big Gig 2016.

The Journey to the place you'd rather be.....