Saturday 25th September 2011

What's on!             


09.00 - 10.00

Yoga with Tanya - please bring a yoga mat



10.00 - 14.00

Various Workshops - Green woodworking | Nature Activities | Guided Wildlife Walk | Arts and Crafts | Healing | Zumba | Dance | Music - banjo, guitar, voice | Face painting and more. Look out for more information on site about where and when to find them. 



Bagas Crowd

13.00 - main stage

Cornish for fiddle group, will open the festivities with a vibrant repertoire of Cornish music.



  bagas crowd

Johanna Graham

14.30 - main stage

has been singing Jazz professionally for many years. She has a distinctive voice influenced by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Julie London and contemporaries such as Stacy Kent. Johanna performs in a trio for that much sought after intimate feel. You won’t get the feeling that she’s “doing Billie Holiday”, but something of the essence of the classic recording will come through naturally as she sings.


  joanna graham

Panda Su 

16.00 - main stage

is something of an enigma. Half Portuguese, born in the rural Highlands of Scotland and having spent her formative years deep in the forests of Fife, she found her own voice early last year with the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Sticks & Bricks’ EP. One of life’s interlopers, her music stands on the edge of reason, where Su looks into the precipice with a wry smile and a nervous anticipation that is mirrored in her lyrics. Darkly fascinating, she weaves her spell with a recipe of childlike simplicity that is nothing less than compelling.

Awarded Jockrock’s “Best Scottish Newcomer” in 2010, PANDA SU has gained a worldwide following through her constant touring & festival appearances.


  panda su

Dom Youngman

18.00 - main stage

is a Penzance based singer-songwriter, currently in the process of recording his debut album 'How Memories are Made' He plays a mixture of cover songs covering a range popular blusey music as well as his own original work  which has soulfulness and depth. Taking old and new songs, but putting a unique twist on them, he creates a fantastic atmosphere.


  Dom Youngman

Braga Tanga 

19.00 - main stage

are a four-piece band that create an exotic and vibrant mix of world folk music. Based in Cornwall,  but drawing experience and inspiration from all over the world, they provide a gripping performance of blistering dexterity and infectious rhythms played on accordion, clarinet, violin and upright bass. Includes songs and tunes from Romania, Macedonia, Brittany, Malta, Mexico, Scotland, Italy, Turkey, Finland, Bulgaria, and more, as well as some originals.  Well established festival performers.


  braga tanga

Gabs Huxstep 

20.00 main stage

one of Lizard’s very own musicians, she ‘wows’ audiences wherever she goes, often taking a tear or two with her as she sings heart felt pop songs, with one of the most spectacular voices you’ve ever heard.





  Gabs Huxstep

Back Beat Sound System 

21.00 main stage

8-piece Cornish outfit Backbeat Sound System are a band laden with groove, their uptempo songcraft drawing from funk, ska, reggae, pop, and dub. These combine in creation of a tight, uplifting, sun-clasped sound- seemingly designed for festival fields and hazy, elated dancing. The ‘serious pop’ songs’ inherent strengths come to the fore and explode in a haze of onstage energy and pumping rhythm.


  Back Beat Sound System

Open Mic Session 

22.30 - 02.00 - Fire Pit


   open mic
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