Thursday 22nd September - pre-festival bits n bobs, music, ale bar and entertainment!

The theme this year is PIRATES..   Get your (glad) rags on and come and join us for £3 per adult.  Prizes to be won for best dressed :) 

Looking forward to seeing you all. 

Good luck love the LBG team X


Headliner Sunday




Friday 23rd September

from 12.. 

Jumping Out Jazz, Salt & Sky, Jade Hamzelou, Emily Howard, Ouse Valley Singles Club, The Beauty of Diagram, Rin Tins..aaaand THE Zen Hussies!


Saturday 24th September 

from 12.00... 

James Turner, Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, Gypfunk, RSVP Bhangra!, Ouse Valley Singles Club, Mr Tea and His Minions, Sam and the Womp and Finishing with Chainska Brassika!!


Sunday 25th September

from 12..

The Meadows, Abraxas, Black Velvet, Kezia, Dan Chapman, Immigrant Swing, Tankus the Henge, Pirate Party Brigade annndd our headliner MAD DOG MCREA


This year we would like to say a big THANK YOU to the wonderful Kernow Music Foundation who are helping us with the organisation and running of our new Catlin Stage.



 Announcing the line-up for the Caitlin Stage run by Kernow Music Foundation

(bands and times subject to change/additions)


23rd Sept Friday Stage

James Dixon, Roger Heathers, salt and Sky Duo, Declan Kitchener, Mog Jones and Bache


24th Sept Saturday stage

Darren Roberts, Tristan Hall, Whippletree Celldh Band, Saltwater Cure, Dan Bull, sammy Jonus, Ardeth Bey, Martyn Scott


25th September Sunday Stage

Jamie Bridger, jay Burleigh (featuring Nutty Effect) Abraxas, Sienna Hollman, Simon Bassman, Rosie Crow and The Rouseabouts.