Jumping Out Jazz


Salt & Sky

An energetic Cornish duo, performing folk music with just 2 fiddles and a pair of vocals.  These two will get your feet stomping and your long lost vocal chords singing along to their heartfelt Cornish folk tunes.  




Tim and Athene (2 daft Monkeys)

Dynamic acoustic violin and guitar duo playing self-written songs and folk tunes. Two founder members of the quirky upbeat band "3 Daft Monkeys"



The Ouse Valley Singles Club

 A fantastic and funny 3 piece band, whose roots hail from the 1950s Skiffle scene.  Expect a lot of catchy, amusing tunes with a good rock n roll vibe. Hooray! We are very excited to see these guys at the Little Big Gig :) 



The Rin Tins

Dark folk tales combined with swing jazz rhythms and pounding oompa beats, woohoo! 






Jazz, Blues, Ska, Rock 'n' Roll and Swing...a whirl of bluesy hollers, swinging trumpet, baritone sax, clarinet, harmonica, double bass, guitars & drums..these guys have a massive following in the UK and their live performances are incredible and indescribable..no energy is wasted..you will be out of breath just watching them.  Amazeballs!