Friday 21st September 2012

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Busk Stop


17.00 - bar stage

An amazing collective of roaming musicians that travel the festival circuit, bringing a magical energy to any event with their quirky bus conductor attire, well played music and fantastic sense of fun and freedom. There is no better way to open an event. 


  busk stop

Harry Rowland

18.00 - bar stage

Acoustically driven, British song-writing, fusing a mix of traditional folk, with hints of Jazz and Blues. Harry studied Jazz at Leeds College of music, and has furthered his studies at Truro College. Harry's tasteful guitar work, complimented with a powerful voice, come together in a confident performance, you are sure to be swept away.


  Harry Rowland

The Klicks

19.30 - bar stage

The Klicks are a young and versatile 3-piece from Truro with a strong Youtube following. They have played in a wide range of venues in mid-Cornwall and they are already working on their second album of original songs. Their sound is mainly contemporary acoustic pop, but they also draw influences from 70s soul singers like Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder.


  The Klicks

Bert Miller and the Animal Folk

21.00 - bar stage

One of the most unique bands’ in Bristol, formed in 2005, Bert Miller And The Animal Folk’s unique take on the art of storytelling is enjoyed by audiences of all ages. Their songs are by turn eccentrically happy and darkly funny and are largely about Bert’s unadulterated love for animals.

All we are going to say is: crazy, innocent, playful, musical, noisy, deep, shallow, wild, domestic, charismatic, genuine, tongue-in-cheek, hilarious, offensive and endearing


  Bert Miller

Open Mic Session

22.30 - 02.00 - Fire Pit

  Open Mic
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