Friday 24th September 2011

What's on!                 

The Busk Stop

17.00 main stage

An amazing collective of roaming musicians that travel the festival circuit, bringing a magical energy to any event with their quirky bus conductor attire, well played music and fantastic sense of fun and freedom. There is no better way to open an event. 



  busk stop  

John Gallagher

18.00 - main stage

An Irish singer songwriter with a phenomenal voice, and guitar style. He plays a repertoire of his own beautiful music with a variety of both deep and seriously uplifting songs.


   john gallagher

Kattie Rosser 

20.00 - main stage

The beautiful voice from 'Petit Debauche' doing something different accompanied on classical guitar she is singing tales of love, life and debauchery swinging from light to dark in a single breath


  kattie rosser 

Gwellhellin Goth

21.00 - main stage

This unique Cornish show band springs from the synergy of three highly talented professional musicians from wildly differing backgrounds who create an irresistible performance drawn from their world-wide experiences on the road and on stage. Vintage classic and thoroughbred melodies, high mileage harmonies, 'duchy and eastern', urbane and eastern, jazz, low-down boogie, skiffle, rock n roll, gypsy roots, hairy solos, torch songs with a brand new battery and original reflections in the mirror of time.


  gwellhellin goth 

Open Mic Session

22.30 - 02.00 - Fire Pit


Open Mic
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