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September 22nd, 23rd & 24th 2017


Tickets now only available on the door subject to availability. 

We will keep you posted via facebook and the website If they run out. So do still come



 ***Please read our terms & conditions before booking your tickets.  There are strictly no refunds***




Buy your tickets through PAYPAL


TENT Adult camping plus weekend festival ticket £96.00 (with booking fee £100)


TENT Under 18s camping plus weekend ticket £48.00 (with booking fee £50) 

* Young people under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult when camping 



VAN 2* adults camping plus weekend festival ticket (no electric hook up) £202.00 (with booking fee £210)

VAN 2* adults camping plus weekend festival ticket (with electric hook up) £217.00 (with booking fee £225)

(*van tickets are for 2 adults minimum per van) 



Extra adults for a van booking @ £96.00 each (with booking fee £100)


Extra under 18s for van booking @ £48.00 each (with booking fee £50)


Under 6yrs are free.


WEEKEND TICKETS (no camping)

ADULTS £60 (with booking fee £63) 

UNDER 18YRS £30 (with booking fee £32)


DAY TICKETS (booking fee £1.50)






£10 Friday


£11 Saturday

£11 Sunday





New! Little Big Gig Terms & Conditions


SITE ACCESS & Opening Times

The event will be open from 11am* on Friday and closes 12noon on Monday.

*Campers welcome to pitch up 9am Friday


The Beer Tent will be open from 11am until 1.45am

The Galleon kitchen will open from 12noon - 1am, subject to requirement.

Stage entertainment will be from 1pm until 11.15pm.

Open mic jamming sessions will be from 11.00pm until 2.00am (in the fire pit).  Fire pit sessions will strictly finish at 2am.

Saturday & Sunday

Workshops 10am - 4pm (approx.)

The Beer Tent will be open from 11am until 1.45am

The Galleon kitchen will open from 8am - 1am, subject to requirement.

Stage entertainment will be from 12noon until 11.15pm - Saturday only.  Sunday 12noon - 11.30pm.

Open mic jamming sessions will be from 11.00pm until 2.00am (in the fire pit) - Saturday only.  Sunday there will be no fire pit jamming.  Live music to finish at 11.30pm.


The Galleon kitchen will open from 8am – 12noon.  Subject to requirement.

The campsite must be vacated by 12 noon.

There is a noise curfew in place from 2am to 8am each day. This will be strictly monitored.


There is no vehicle access to the site except for deliveries, performers and campervans.

Parking is provided in a designated area for campers & performers. The car park gate will be locked between 11pm and 9am.  There is strictly no overnight camping in this area.  Day Ticket holders must park in the free village car-park, (within walking distance from the campsite). 


There will be no nominated pitches.  You will be advised where to pitch up on arrival.  

Each person will receive a camping wristband, which will allow them to be on the premises between 2am and 10am.

A limited number of campervan spaces are available.  Minimum 2 adults per campervan.  No awnings.

Maximum size of van = 5.5meters. (Updated 1st March 2015)

Tent size must be clarified at time of booking and must be adhered to.

Tent size policy:

1 person = maximum 2 person tent

2 people = maximum 3 person tent

3 people = maximum 4 person tent

and so on.  



Whilst every effort is made to ensure the fully advertised programme takes place, the promoters reserve the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists and to vary from the advertised programme and running times, without prior notice. There will be no refunds in the event of cancellation.


Children under 14years old will not be allowed into the event without an adult.

Should children and their parents become separated, this should be announced to a steward or security officer or main office in order for a search to commence.


Lost and found property can be reported and left at the main reception.

The event management does not accept responsibility for loss or damage of personal belongings.


Information collected by the organisers; photos, recordings or otherwise, may be used to promote further events at Henry’s Campsite. We understand that by attending/performing you accept that you may appear in some of this documentation. We do not pass private information on to third parties.  Personal recording of any kind will not be permitted on the event site, except that done by the festival crew.


Tickets cannot be exchanged, refunded or returned after purchase.  Lost tickets pr wristbands will not be replaced.

Lost/damaged confirmation policy - there will be no duplicate ticket confirmations issued‚ ensure you keep it safe. All booking confirmation holders must exchange their confirmation for a wristband upon arrival and this must be worn at all times. No wristband‚ no entry to site. Wristbands are durable and will not come off, therefore replacements will not be issued.

Availability of tickets is not guaranteed.  A limited number of each ticket type have been issued.   Licensed capacity if finite.

Little Big Gig reserves the right to change the price of the tickets purchased from the Box Office on the day of the performance or event.


The event management team reserves the right to refuse admission to any person deemed to be a risk to their own or others safety. If someone is deemed to inhibit the enjoyment of others or our ability to run the event, they may be refused entry, or expelled from the site.   Likewise persons whom, in the opinion of the event management team, appear to be over intoxicated on alcohol or are believed to have/be consuming illegal substances and/or are acting aggressively or abusively, will not be admitted.

Under 6’s will be admitted free of charge when accompanied by a ticket holding adult.

The ticket office and security staff will make the final decision regarding age brackets, unless suitable ID is provided.

Under 18’s will be issued with a different coloured wristband.


Strictly no alcohol to be taken-in (or out) of the festival site. Only alcohol purchases made at our bars can be consumed on site. Some workshop areas will have alcohol restrictions.

Glass bottles (containing alcohol) and fireworks, are strictly prohibited.

No animals will be allowed on site, with the exception of guide-dogs. No private music systems, e.g. radios, etc to be used. No laser pens.


Strictly no trading is permitted within the event premises, without prior consent. Other than band merchandise and designated trade stalls.