Rowena Knight

We are welcoming Rowena back again this year as she gave us such an awesome set last time.  Playing her 'loop de loop' with percussionist Nick Fleming.  Rowena creates beautiful music and is fascinating to watch.  Sea landscapes and Cornish weather provide the inspiration for her sounds.  A lovely one to catch whilst enjoying a local real ale from our bar stage.



Jonathon Coudrille

Jonathon is a multi-talented, creative, free thinker..very entertaining and a delight to watch.  Extremely well crafted songs from our local musical aficionado.  A great performer who enjoys every minute and encourages audience participation.  A Henry's favourite for around our campfire. 


The Librarians 

Not what you expect from three village boys all the way from Stilton.  These boys bring fresh vigour to their music, full of energy and young enthusiasm, evoking new tales and adventure with every song.  They will brighten up your ears and certainly entertain you.

Band Librarians Picture











 Jonah's Lift

 An energetic and engaging band known for their unusual musical arrangements as well as their crowd-lifting habit of breaking out into enthusiastic, though not always co-ordinated, dance.  Check 'em out!  A good dancing band :)



 The Big Sets  

Young lads from Sunderland, based in Newquay.  Been together for 13 years now. Funky.  Their lives shows are a riotous assembly combined with intricate riffs and licks, solid back beat and deep down and dirty vocals.  

 The Big Sets band logo  


On Friday we also have a stage where local musicians and songwriters will be performing in the early afternoon (before the main stage opens) - acts coming up here soon :)