GWELHELLIN (ORIGINALLY GWELHELLIN GOTH) materialised at the beginning of the Century when 3 very different musicians met at the Four Winds in Falmouth at the invitation of legendary bassist Dickie Neville, who completed the quartet for the first ten years; the Goth was dropped when he retired; in those ten years they cut the highly regarded albums “Bad Provincial Boy”,  “Wild Wild West Yoo-Kay” and “Jazzz-Hattt”.

A fourth, “Fretted Bliss”, which concentrates on the acoustic sound, is under construction as I write.

Jonathon X. Coudrille has written words and music almost since he started life at ‘Wy Worrie’, the farm cottage alongside the ancient church at Landewednack on The Lizard Peninsula.

He first broadcast with the BBC aged sixteen as a political satirist, and after being given his own show with the rival commercial station “Westward TV” left Cornwall to travel the world, came in contact with the experimental Rock Underground, received the Melody Maker folk-rock top soloist award, was invited to give a master class at the Saint Petersburg Conservatoire and performed his Cabelletta Suite for Spanish Guitar in concert with the National Symphony Orchestra at London’s Festival Hall.

Two decades playing with Russian and Gypsy ensembles infuse his vocals with smoky lyricism and add gravitas to his piano style and the plangent virtuosity of his collection of French Gypsy guitars.  Add in his Seven-String Banjo, the Olds Super Trumpet, – lost and found in Montreal on Gwelhellin’s first album ‘Bad Provincial Boy’ – and the haunting sparkle of the Balalaika, and then bop to the Boogie Woogie of the mighty keyboard.

Anthonius Apple, who has played for Joan Armatrading, is deeply steeped in the Blues, (a keen gardener, he enjoys growing Greens…) which is wellspring to his angular improvisations on vintage Martin, slide and electric guitars, occasional piano and, amazing earthy vocals.

His skills as recording engineer give distinction and cohesion to the Gwelhellin sound. He owns what may be the biggest collection of recorded guitar music in the Duchy.

Dangerous David Painter, percussionist and Drummer (the two are NOT the same; one is a Musician) who – inspired by the legend that was Gene Krupa – has been playing since the age of eight, drives the music along with the understated power of a Pierce-Arrow stretch limousine and – alas only in the studio – startles with unconventional obligati ranging from a haunting arpeggio on a selection of electrical scrap iron with a wire brush to an assault on a Cornish shovel with a four pound lump-hammer…

…GWELHELLIN, the one and only Seven-Piece Trio.